About Us


Our History

We are a family business; we started our journey as convenience store owners in 2008. We unexpectedly ran out of thermal paper during a rush and had to run to an office supplies store to restock. We usually purchased our paper rolls automatically from our credit card processing company, and we never paid much attention to the price. It was when looking at the price in person that we had to pay for such an everyday essential commodity that I was shocked at the price.

The following day I started studying the paper roll market. I found a wide range of pricing, packaging, and quality available at wholesale warehouses, office supply stores, online marketplaces, and small business suppliers. It was scattered, inconsistent, and just didn’t seem right.

I thought of a quote that has always guided me in business:

“Be the change you wish to see in the world – Mahatma Gandhi.”

That was an “aha” moment. I gathered my family and laid the groundwork for a fledgling distribution business, procuring and distributing high quality thermal paper in and around Kansas City. Our friends, family and neighbors were our first supporters. Soon after we started buying in larger volumes, our prices fell, and we passed the savings on to our customers! Win-win! We grew from 1 pallet a month to hundreds of pallets a month using our secret mantra… buy large quantities of high-quality products and pass the savings to our customers. It's simple, and it works!

what we do

Today we continue to serve gas stations, restaurants, and retail locations. We are proudly able to guarantee thermal paper orders are shipped and delivered within 4 to 48 hours of receiving an order.


Our Mission

Our mission at Nexus Rolls is to provide you with quality products at the lowest possible price. We specialize in thermal paper rolls and other consumables in the gas station, restaurant and retail market.

The lowest price in the area

Free shipping on every order

Outstanding customer service

Integrity and honesty in all aspects